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Wooden Door Manufacturer – High quality customized luxury wood exterior doors – Wooden front doors – Solid timber doors – Entry doors – Internal solid doors

Wood Exterior Doors Manufacturer – Portalmad’s wooden front doors are inspired by how people want them. Explore our products with details of design, flexibility and customization of wooden doors.

High End Wooden Front Doors – Interior Wood Doors – Solid Timber Doors

Wood door manufacturer

For each innovation, we continue to measure our success in relation to the effectiveness of our wooden doors.

Portalmad Wood Doors: Durability, Superior finish, Toughness, Energy efficiency and Design options

Wood exterior doors

High quality doors- Brazilian superior wood – Wooden doors

Portalmad Doors and Windows is a company that leads the high-end doors and wood windows industry. High quality, sophistication and graceful designs are the main features of our products. Our strict quality control ensures a superior end product with a highly refined finish which adds value and beaty to your home or office whether  you are ronovating or building.

Portalmad is a company that is dedicated to creating products that make the places where we live and work more meaningful.


Wood exterior doors

Wood doors – Design & highest satandards of durability

Let’s develop your ideas, bring to us any sketched designs, or rendered architectural drawings if preferred. Portalmad is committed to making doors the professional way, doors individually customized for homeowners to the highest standards of durability and security in the residential market.

Wood Doors Brasil - Export - High-end - Portas de madeira para exportação

Doors of Brazil

Wood Doors | The Beauty of Wood

A beautiful wood entry door is the premium choice for your home exterior.
Exclusive exterior and interior wood doors.

Wooden door manufacturer

Portalmad wood doors – Best brazilian entry wood doors

Wood entry doors are crafted in distinct styles to complement your home! Portalmad Doors and Windows offers a broad range of wood species. Each with its own distinctive character. Some of our most popular species are shown HERE.

Entry wood doors - Modern front wood doors

Wood species used in homes vary greatly in terms of characteristics and features. Performance aspects such as durability, stainability and grain pattern will vary depending on the type and the specific characteristics of the wood, including whether it is a softwood or hardwood.

DESIGN LINE | wood – glass – aluminium

Modern wood doors - Front doors - Solid doors

RUSTIC LINE | old demolition wood

Rustic wood doors

ESSENZA VETRO LINE | wood – glass – Interior wood doors

Wood door manufacturer

ESSENZA WAVE LINE | wood – Interior wood doors

Wood luxury front doors

ESSENZA LINE | wood – Interior wood doors

Wood front doors - Solid wood doors

Robust wooden interior and exterior doors

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Works done by Portalmad Doors and Windows: click in the image below.

Wood door manufacturer

 Wooden entry doors

Portalmad | Doors And Windows – Our complete line of products:

Wood doors and windows

Portalmad Doors and Windows:

Superior Finish –   Durability – Energy Efficiency – Design Options – Service Experience – Overall Value

High-end wood doors manufacturer – Brazil

High Quality Wood Doors - Brasil - Export

Wood Doors – Exterior – Interior Wooden Doors – Portalmad
Wooden door manufacturer

For more information, please contact Portalmad | Wood Doors and Windows:

Wood door manufacturer – Wooden Doors Exporter

Phones: +55 42 3523 8644 | +55 42 98408 0608 (WhatsApp)
Porto União – Santa Catarina – Brasil

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Portalmad | Portas e Janelas – Indústria e Comércio de Esquadrias de Madeira Ltda
Soluções completas em portas e janelas de alto padrão

Wooden door manufacturer

Wood doors - Entry - Entrance - Export - Brazil - Beauty
Acesse os produtos Portalmad abaixo:
Portas de madeira

Portas de alto padrão externas, internas, maciças e sólidas com núcleo de madeira maciça e acabamento superior.

Janelas de madeira

Janelas de alta performance de madeira de lei com funcionamento suave, que se adaptam a projetos variados.

Painéis de madeira

Painéis de madeira ripada com espaçamento variável e painéis maciços para qualquer ambiente externo ou interno.

Brises de madeira

Fabricação de brises externos e internos de alta resistência de madeira de lei para projetos arquitetônicos específicos.

Divisórias de madeira

Divisórias de madeira para todos os estilos ambientes internos ou externos com fabricação sob medida.

Forro ripado

Forros de madeira de lei ripada, sob medida, com fabricação em módulos e venda na quantidade exata que você precisar.

Portas, janelas, brises, divisórias, painéis e forros para projetos exclusivos
Construa com inteligência
Os produtos Portalmad proporcionam beleza e elegância sob medida em lares de todo o Brasil e no exterior, elevando a experiência arquitetônica a um patamar mais elevado
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Esquadrias de madeira
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A portalmad fabrica Sob medida

Esquadrias de madeira sob medida de ALTO PADRÃO para seu projeto personalizado.
Portas, janelas, painéis, ripados, brises, forros, pisos e divisórias de madeira.

Descontos especiais para pedidos fechados em março, abril e maio.